I get what I want…


and I want you to get with me.” The FAders

How much do I wish I knew how to play the cave drum?

Anyway, this has been the 2nd week of school. I kicked it into gear a little early and we’re diving head first in to my secret agenda of getting these kids to be readers. I’ve also started to make the transition to being an adult and have come across a few interesting things:

A) No more Planned Parenthood. My HMO has denied my request to use my health insurance at Planned Parenthood. I need to see a gynecologist, but my primary care physician gives me the willies and isn’t available to be seen until FEBRUARY (WTF) so I call, and Pacific Care shuts me down. Bu they did switch my health network, and I am able to see someone on February 7th (thank God). Who would have thought having insurance would mean that I couldn’t just see who ever I want. I’d always heard people complain about HMOs, but I didn’t realize that you can only see praticioners in your health network. Its interesting, not really annoying. I’m just blessed to a)have insurance and b)not have any health emergencies.

B) My dental insurance runs the same way as my HMO. I was still assigned to a group in Torrance, so I changed things around so that I can see a dentist in Pasadena. The last time I went to see a dentist I was still on my mother’s health insurance in Seattle, so its about time I saw someone. No more 1800 Dentist for me.

C) I am going to SPAIN in May. KJ’s been planning this trip for her students, and well, our favorite kids are going. I always thought that the trip was going to be during the first weeks of may when I’m still preparing for Graduation…but its not until May 15th. So for $2000 I get to go to Spain for 10 weeks. That includes the costs of excursions, round trip tickets, and two meals a day. I have the cash so why not treat myself to an awesome graduation present. I’m totally getting extensions (chin length) so that I can just put my hair in a cute pony tail instead of it being all high maintenance.

D) I do get baptized on Easter. How exciting.

E)I’m starting to enjoy working out again. What a nice break in my day.

F) I can’t accomplish anything if i don’t get enough sleep. So i’m off to bed.


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