Feliz Cumpleanos


In the last two weeks I have celebrated 3 birthdays. What is it with this time of year? Better yet, what was it with the month of May for many people’s parents? As we say in Seattle, April showers bring May flowers. I’ve just noticed a common thread in all three birthday celebrations: the Latino culture in some way, shape, or form. In Vegas I listened to more reggaetone then I thought actually existed and realized that its all about the beat, not so much about the words (shake, shake, shake, shake…mentirosa, mentirosa,—okay, so we didn’t actually hear that song, and I don’t even think its reggaetone, but whatever). Mags had her birthday celebration at El Torito over cadillac margaritas and chipless nachos. Tonight I went to Arroyo’s, a club/restaurant in Arcadia that is famous for the delicious buffet that comes with the $20 cover charge for a night of dancing and great live music. There were 25 of us in a room full of long sets of tables that were slowly filled with other groups there to celebrate in stlye. Mariachis played…and sang to all the girls in the room. This hot guy from the audience got up and sang a mariachi song that sound so sexy…mainly, his voice was so sexy. I have no idea what he was saying, but my soul totally knew that it was coo worthy. This really young mariachi sang to me. I love that for the better part of the night I had no idea what was being sang (I was only really clued in when we sang Happy Birthday in English) and dancing.

Dancing, dancing, dancing. No matter what age, where ever there is a dance floor there will be a circle of people pushing each other into the center to show off their dancing skills…or lack thereof. I always do this dancing in a circle thing, like almost twisting and twirling because I feel almost nauseatingly uncomfortable with all that attention on me. Its wierd going dancing with people you work with. Like there were definitely people there that are my friends and who sexually harrass me in the most acceptable of ways, but then there were people there that are definitely just loving collegues who I enjoy seeing but really have yet to let my very short hair down around. After a short reprive I picked up drinking again tonight with an Irish coffee that had tequilla in it, and was actually able to order a tequilla with Squirt. The drinks were cheap, the food was good, the entertainment was great, and the company was awesome. We stayed for about four hours before heading home early. All in all it was well worth the $20…if not even a steal. We have no idea how they stay open because in a week they will be sending me a free admission ticket, and on some nights admission is only $10. The mariachi band was quality, as was the band that played the salsas and cumbias. How the hell do they keep their doors open. I thought the staying power may have been in the alcohol, but it was so cheap that it can’t be the sole resource. So we figure they’re a front for drug running. I like it.

On february 4th I have another birthday–we’re going to the century club, which I’ve heard is a)notorious for underage admittance and b)will be closing its doors sooner or later. I’ll take the chance because I want to see it. Apparently, girls get in free before 11, and drinks are free before 10. We’re gonna get there by like 8:30-9. I’m looking forward to it. I’m not looking forward to wearing my heels. DG has a show on February 3rd. Next weekend, if KJ keeps to the plan, we’re headed to her beach house in Rosarito Mexico. Also, next weekend is the wedding celebration of our former Track Dean. I’m glad to be keeping busy. I know LMU will keep me busy for the rest of the semester. I’m just glad to be able to have fun in the process becuase I’m sure going to put off my birthday celebration until after graduation. Or at least until after April 24th. That’s the week we begin presenting our portfolios. It will make everything that much better to not have that added stress on my birthday. My portfolio is actually due on April 7th which means it needs to be completed by April 6th—a day I have LMU, and large projects due in both classes on that day. I can’t wait until May.


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