So apparently Leif Garret could have been one of the homeless people I drive by when I coast through down town. Not that the downfall of a 70’s pop icon matters to me much, but that long drop to the bottom usually occurs in my back yard so I try to be on the look out.

KJ, Sam, and I had one of those afternoons after school where it makes me very happy to be at Franklin, not jsut at Franklin, but in Los Angeles. I love LA. I love that the Santa Ana’s have kicked in enough to make my two day sof wearing my winter coat a thing of a past. It has been sitting in my car for the last week. I’ve just been layering the track jackets (one as a coat, one as a pull over). We’re all going to Spain together, and as the first month of the semester comes to an end its interesting to watch the children be children (re: plan to go on a trip overseas with their significant other…then break up….DRAMA). I’m so glad I’m not 15 anymore. We just made a list of the kids we don’t think will really be able to go (2 grand is a lot), and those we won’t be able to stand by the time May comes along. Some of those kids are crazy.

So I’ve come to also accept a little known fact about myself: I cannot bring myself to wear sneakers. They’re just not for me. I’ve seen some of the cutest sneakers lately. There was this great green pair at Payless. But the moment I put them on, they complete interrupt the flow of my personal style. Its weird because my out fit today consisted of blue jeans, fitted long sleeve baby blue tee, and the track jacket corey gave me for my birthday. Everything about this outfit screams “finish me off with some sneakers.” What do I opt to buy…a sequined pair of mules and a pair of olive/army green loafers. I just can bring myself to wear sneakers to anywhere that is not the gym. Even my sneakers for the gym are slim enough that they look like capezio dance shoes. I am officially a size 11 shoe now. Did you know that you don’t need to have room at the top of your shoe anymore…because your feet don’t grow anymore. HELLO!! My feet must have shrank a bit because a size 11 feels alot more comfortable then before. A size 12 always felt too big, but not as tight. long story short: I have really cute shoes to wear with my track jacket and jeans. Yea for me!


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