Breakfast Blend


This really is the coldest Starbucks I have ever been in. I keep coming back because it has enormous windows and the natural light inspires me to do work.

I woke up early this morning to celebrate Chinese New Year’s the only way I know how–with a mani-pedi. Its not just Chinese New Years, but its also Vietmanese New Year’s so I spent some quality time with the girls at the nail salon learning about what this awesome custom…which apparently involves more then just staring at hot Asian men. So here are the tidbits I picked up so that I can maintain a prosperous life:

1) Today is not the day to eat oranges. They’re too much work.
2) Don’t throw anything away…like taking out the trash..because you may be throwing away prosperity.

…..ohhhh the hot guy from yesterday is back! I love this starbucks. As is the creepy old guy….ew.

3) Today is not the day to say negative things or have anything negative happen to you….it apparently sets the tone for the entire year. 12 months of bad luck are no good.
4) My nails look fabumous in subtle dark red shimmery nail polish… what can i say.

Tonight the baby comes home from the hospital, thank goodness, and I will get to see Hilarie finally. Apparently things went quite well during childbirth and their beautiful baby boy is back home. I wonder what you get new parents. I was thinking either diapers or a mobile to hang over the crib. Hmmmmmmmm….


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