Luck of the Draw


I grew up in Seattle, a huge port city with a enormous Asian population. My best friends growing up were Chinese and Indian. In high school a lot of the girls I knew were Korean or white. The girls I’ve always been best friends with were black or Mexican because really, there is safety in numbers, and when your numbers are so small its best that the two groups come together. Anyway, the prettiest girls, to me, —besides me and my friends—were always Korean or Asian of some sort. So sitting here in starbucks on this new year, all I have to say is this: I’m really glad that I wasn’t born Asian…Because if I were a funny looking, overweight Asian girl in a culture of such small women I would have to kill myself…Or someone else. Like Monique, I’d snap a skinny bitch in half. It all just reminds me of an angry Margaret Cho, because that is who I would have been. Sigh…Well I guess its all just the luck of the draw. Now where is my fried chicken?


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