The Year of the Dog


Its chinese new year! Happy new year.

I was wrong about the body language thing…no, i wasn’t quite wrong. The young man was concentrating intensly. however, over the course of two hours at least three different men stopped to talk to the young man about a) his car, a fancy race car and b)whatever the fuck was going on with his computer. I finally got up the balls to ask one of the gentleman what the young guy was working on. Wanna guess? It wasn’t porn…it was a video game. he’s apparently a gamer, who is at this starbucks frequently. I swear, this is one of three starbucks in south pas. This one is in the same complex as Carmines, where we go for happy hour, so it shouldn’t be any suprise that men hang out at this starbucks with the same social mentality that they hang out at the bar. My head felt like some one was stabing me with a knife. I have since recovered thanks to Rapid Relief tylenol. I worked out. And celebrated Chinese New Years over Thai Food. Many of the other Asian cultures celebrate their new year’s around the same time, so I feel like I covered my bases.

Corey and I have decided that in a past life we were both straight men who treated women terribly. We were highly demanding ass holes who died of a VD. I guess syphillis. This is the only way we can understand our rotten luck with men. Its karma. You should have heard our conversation. Alot of talk of women as bitches, and how they loved us because we treated them awful. We wouldn’t take their drama, and there might have been a bit of unnecessary physical contact (re: shaking). This is the only way that we can explain how we are so prudish when compared to the actions of our friends. Its funny to compare my many sets of friends. Each group is vastly different: The Gays in Seattle, The Panthers in Highland Park, and the Revolutionaries in Long Beach. I am the least sexually experienced in each group. Its funny, because the Panthers will be all kinds of shocked that I’ve never made out with a girl, while the Revolutionaries would think that that is perfectly normal and okay that I’ve never made out with a girl. I found myself defending my inexperience and my lack of ever having had a fuck buddy on Friday. It went something like “No, I’ve never made out with a girl. I’ve only had sex with three people!” Of course I was being grilled by two men who I’m sure would have loved nothing more then for me and KJ to make out at the bar. Not gonna happen…sorry boys. I try, I really try to be more “free” with kissing and boys and sex… we all remember vegas…but I’m just a slow mover with a wierd set of criteria. For instance, I just can’t make out with my friends. Its wierd like. Secondly, I am this close to being socially retarded when it comes to meeting strangers when I’m sober. For instance, the night of Angella’s birthday party we went to the Basement lounge for dancing. On my way back from the bathroom this cute black guy stops me and starts saying how he recognizes me from his friends place, and blah, blah, blah. I corrected him, and told him that i wasn’t from long beach. He started to engage me in conversation, and then welcomed me to Long beach. I said thank you…..and walked away. Yeah. I know. You know what though….fucking ask me to dance. or buy me a drink. i’m easy that way. REALLY EASY that way. Thank God for Angella and Mags…through them i will learn the way of getting men to do whatever I want. Angella got some dude to buy her shoes…and she doesn’t wear shoes from Payless, so you know they weren’t cheap. I’m in fucking awe of that kind of thing. Mags may very well be having great sex as I type. That is awesome. My goal is that the next time Chinese new year’s comes around I will be having awesome sex with a hot guy while wearing the new pair of shoes he’s just bought me. Now that is HOT!


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