teacher of the month


FHS is slowly becoming a TFA take over school. Not in the sense that we’re getting a large amount of TFA-ers (we’re trying to recruit a friend to work in the SPED department) but in the fact that for the second month in a row a TFA person has been selected as the teacher of the month. you guessed: The Roommate is the teacher of the month for February. I found out last night while at happy hour and couldn’t tell her until this morning. Funny thing is that we’re roommates, and only a handful of people know that I’m a TFA alumn. Her selection gives the process a little more credibility though. In the beginning no one had any idea how people were selected or nominated. And i’m well liked by the faculty so we wondered if it was a popularity thing. but my friend Z explained that there were elements that were measured that had to do with being a kick ass teacher and working well in one’s department. That I do well…and that she does well, as well. Her classroom management may be a little moot at time but she’s made fucking huge waves in the science department (including getting a rather large BP Grant last year— it was large enough to pay for four field trips, one high quality digital camera, and one SONY Vaio laptop). Thank goodness for Dana Friedman who helped her write that bitch. This is the fucking coldest starbucks ever. I have to put together a presentation in interpersonal communication and well, the new beau is over so its a no go for me hanging out at the house. I also don’t get much stuff done when I work in the house. I just end up falling asleep. two more hours and then i’m headed to the gym.


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