I got a call from my gynecologist telling me that all my test results came back normal. No HIV, no herpes, no gonohrea (sp?). And so as a result of my body being in its fabulous condition… i’ve had to endure the arrival of the cold that was once just threatening but is not fully here. bleh.

Tonight was parent teacher conference night. I got a total of 7 parents! An all time high! YES! I also talked to my stylist, and the lady who sells really great hair down in Hawthorne, so I’ll be hooked up tomorrow. I’m getting the highest quality hair so its all going to be really expensive so that it looks really nice. i’ve tried to tell as many people as possible so that I can avoid the fanfare on monday…or is it to prep for the fanfare? HMMMM…I told my kids too, so it won’t be too distracting. I love PTC night because it means that I don’t have to go to LMU…which means that instead of working out as I’d planned, I am going to watch CSI because i haven’t done so yet this entire year. hugs!


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