so i think I will be one of those women who only ever wear their hair up. Its long…granted any amount of hair is long compared to my old cut. but its long, the ends resting easily at mid shoulder, and there is a bit of a wave to it. The wave is large and in the ends, so it looks like a relaxed curl. If i spritz it with water it may curl up a bit more, but we’ll have to wait and see. My natural, nappy bangs were hot combed straight so that they blend beautifully as if my entire head had been relaxed. I had length added to the bangs as well…and honestly, the bangs are my favorite part. As is my ability to put it in a low pony tail that I will alternate with a bun. There isn’t a real cut to the hair, just an inch shorter then what i bought, and a great set of bangs. because it just flows naturally without any defining cut, I look like a child when I wear it down. I can’t wait until I get used to it. I’m not used to it so i think a part of me is a bit disappponted because its sooo new. i also smudged my nail polish. Not enough that anyone either then me could see…but aren’t i the only one whose point of view matters when it comes to my nails?

Around 3 am I found this virtual hair style website that told me how to create the exact hair style I want, and it requires that my hair be exactly the way it is for it to work. It also requires a roller set, and some of the other hair products I already have. Needless to say, its a going out for my birthday kind of hair style.

Is it bad that instead of going out tonight I want to be home to watch pairs figure skating in the Olympics? I was invited to see an art opening, so I will probably push myself to do that instead. I am going to work out after my retreat this morning. That will be some pushing if you ask me. I can be open with friend, and open on my blog that is read by my friends, but i am being asked to be seriously open in an open space with people around me about what I want from my faith. Its a challege that I should be prepared to meet, being that I need to grow up a little bit in that area. Oh, Mags, you’re more then welcome to be my godmother. I will work out the legistics today. I hope everyone has a great Olympic weekend.


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