Entertainment Tonight


So I just got home and on ET there is this skinny girl who is dressed in a fat suit that made her 350lbs, and then moved throughout her day in New York City. You know what, I’m kind of tired of this experiment. They should only make assholes do this experiment, which I wonder if this girl was an asshole about obsese people before. It is quite interesting, and brought to mind a bias of my own: I didn’t think there were super obese people in New York City. All the picture I see about NYC have little tiny folks in them, because they spend so much fucking time at the gym because its sooo damn cold. Now I dont’ mean in the burrows, I don’t actually have any idea about where I mean. Its just nice to see normal sized people even if it means they’re wearing a 350lb fat suit. Now lets talk about how I would treat this girl in the fat suit differently, not because she is larger, but because she is wearing a FANNY PACK! What the fuck! who wears a fucking fanny pack? Girfriend is also kind of shocked some guy came up to her in the fat suit and said “You are so beautiful!” Honey, there is an entire culture of men who would eat her up. I was really excited when I noticed that one of Mag’s friends wears the same size pants as me. Yeah! someone i can borrow clothes from…when I move to the east coast. Yeah, uh huh. Damn it! I hate this TGIFriday’s commerical about the 12.99 menu. They are having way too much fun and having it without alcohol. Fucking Dr. Phil is having an episode about love and all the commercials keep broadcasting “Paula Abdul has everything…a career, money…but she DOESN’T HAVE A MAN!” And now, ET is going to have like an “intimate” interview with her, and she’s all crying because she is alone. Paula gives me strength because God knows that if I ever end up on ET talking about how no one loves me….someone needs to shoot me. This show is a hot mess…i have to eat dinner.

So tonight on COPS they’re in Vegas. First thing they see is this: two girls making out, then one girl starts to just make out with a stranger on the street. Um…..i had no idea that was an offense in Vegas. This chick is drunk, and dressed like a hooker. Um….what is this? Is this for real? This is Vegas. This bitch is telling the Latino dude that the reason that they were stopped was because the dude isn’t white. Now the cop is chewing her out because he said that they were stopped to make sure she was okay……and that she is trying to start a fight. wow…this is what the cop says “don’t start taking advantage of young females who come up to you on the street.” I thought this was vegas? If you can’t make out with random strangers on the street then why bother going to vegas?


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  1. the label on the back of her pants said the size! I saw it in vegas…I almost stole her pants right then and there, but she was wearing them, so out of respect, I did not.

  2. girl, did you continue watching the show. later, this guy got pulled over and gave consent to have his car searched even though he had open beer and pot in the car. dumbass!

    OOOOhhh, and then these 2 frat guys tried to steal a gigantic pink flamingo from the flamingo hotel, lol. dumbasses!

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