house, art, and ice skating


So Michelle Kwan is withdrawing from the olympic games becuase of a persistent reinjury to her groin area. It was damaged (broken? sprained? I don’t know the term) previously, and she thought it was okay–her doctors thought it was okay—but now its all kinds of injured and Emily Hughes—the little sister of gold medalist Sarah Hughes—will be taking Kwan’s place. I read this article about Emily Hughes in the NYT magazine about three weeks ago. Lets just put it this way…that little girl is very fucking lucky that Kwan was injured cuz damn. I’m watching this press conference and the reporters are asking ridiculous questions. Fucking figure skating is the best part of the Winter Olympics. I missed out on Pairs tonight becuase I went out with Vette for some art and some dancing to house music. The way my luck works, competive singles figure skating will occur on Wednesday and Thursday night. Well, now that Kwan is returning home to Torrance to recover, I wish her well. Some asshole just asked her how the void of not winning a gold medal will feel as her career comes to a close. Asshole. I will say this though…she needs braces. She’s really trying hard not to cry. Sadness yo.

The art show was fun. Alot of really great art, two djs, four rooms, two bars. My feet are killing me. There was this machine that took our pictures and emailed them to us for free. Vette is a little..well, interesting. She almost got on the 110 S until I reminded her that we, infact, live north. She made a right turn in to the middle lane of traffic directly in front of an oncoming car. This really is one of thoenights that I wonder how the ehll I made it home alive. Not that she’s a bad driver, its just a little scary.

Fucking superbowl sunday was the scariest night of my life. The fog out of the southbay that night was so thick that I couldn’t see more then 3 feet in front of me. At one point I decided not to get on the 105 because I knew that if I did there was a huge chance that I would crash into the cement walls of the on ramp. However, driving down Imperial I was pleading for the car in front of me not to leave me in the fog. I eventually decided to get on the 405 because at least I would have a pack of rear lights to follow as opposed to driving solo through a wall of fog. That on ramp was insane. Instead of things getting less foggy, it got really really dark. I started to fucking freak out and then…the fog completely cleared and all was right in the world again. It was foggy like that about 24 hours ago here in Highland Park. Thank goodness I was only crawling into bed, not driving.


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