Down Low


So we’re sitting here @4620 watching the top 25 countdown and we just finished watching the “Dre Day” video. Have you ever really listened to the lyrics? there is a lot of shit going on in that song that me and cores just got…like two minutes ago we understood a bunch of allusions made in the song and in the video. Like we’ve always recognized the comedian dressed up like easy-e and the midget in the big white guys office who is like ‘sign your life…i mean your name…on the dotted line.” yeah, those are obvious. But here is the 3rd verse with some interesting shit:

Verse Three: Dr.Dre and Snoop Doggy Dogg]

Now understand this my nigga Dre can’t be touched
Luke’s bendin over, so Luke’s gettin fucked, busta (Note: fake Luke bends over, and this big fat black guy comes up behind him….)
Musta, thought I was sleazy
Or though I was a mark cause I used to hang with Eazy
Animosity, made ya speak but ya spoke
Ay yo Dre, whattup, check this nigga off loc
If it ain’t another ho that I gots ta fuck with
Gap teeth in ya mouth so my dick’s gots to fit
With my nuts on ya tonsils
While ya on stage rappin at your wack-ass concerts
And I’ma snatch your ass from the backside
To show you how Death Row pull off that who-ride
Now you might not understand me
Cause I’ma rob you in Compton and blast you in Miami
Then we gon creep to South Central
On a Street Knowledge mission, as I steps in the temple
Spot him, got him, as I pulls out my strap
Got my chrome to the side of his White Sox hat
You tryin to check my homey, you better check yo self
Cause when you diss Dre you diss yourself, MOTHERFUCKER
Yeah nigga…

Please note all the references to getting fucked in the ass! Not that I want to say anything bad about Suge Knight…I do live in LA after all, and I do value my life….but um…it looks like the down low culture is a little upfront. Cores just asked me “whats up with black male comedians dressing up like women all the time? Did Eddie Murphy ever do that? Well, he is dating Johnny Gill, so I bet he does it all the time now.” See now, if we all just paid a little closer attention we’d realize that the down low culture aint so on the low. Its like that line in the 40 year old virgin “Dude, I know alot of guys hwo fuck dudes…in jail.”


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