To buy before Lent


I’m giving up spending before Lent. I can go to target and just shop my heart out so its best that I learn to control myself, right?! So…unfortunately there are three very important electronic items I need before I can do this:
1. A new digital camera to replace the broken one
2. A new IPOD to replace the one that is fucking only charging for 1.5 hours at a time.
3. A class set of novels for my kids to read.

Okay, so this is the real goal for Lent: to not purchase items number 1 or 2 until after April 15th. That is the goal. I don’t really need those things. I realize that alot of things will be happening in the next 40-50 days. I also realize that a) I have a manual camera that works just fine and b) my Ipod hasn’t died yet, maybe it will hold on. Cripes…it is freezing in this room. I’m still at Franklin because we have open house. 45 minutes until i can leave. Please note that “spending” can be defined as any and all needless purchases made at target (re: the 7 pairs of underwear I bought instead of just doing my laundry), dinners eaten out instead of cooking, any lunch that is bought instead of eating what I brought to school, and the novels upon novels that I purchase just to make myself feel full. NO MORE! I will become financially responsible. I will save money for a career other then teaching. I will make this work. I’ve got to call ING now.


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  1. 1. You have to spend your own money on novels??? Hells no. That stops here. We’ll find you the money. Just give me the info.

    2. I haven’t seen you in three kadrillion years. Let’s hang out sometime? 🙂

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