Coffee House


Throughout one’s educational years there are many, many rights of passage. One of the greatest, most terrifying things is the talen show. At FHS, the talent show is for the untalented. The real talent performs in the Coffee House. Its an hour and a half display of student talent squeezed onto a small stage in the drama room…which is not the auditorium. The first time they did this it was an amazing sucess. Fuking 100 kids and faculty try to squeez into this room to hear their friends play an intimate setting such as this one. Wow…um…all I can say after friday’s show: I no longer have a love for poetry. Listening to teenage angst is like eating warmed over meal worms. I don’t know if its the angst or if its the delivery…but life was definitely missing from that poetry. I was really proud that those kids who went up there did so, because that takes a lot of balls. A shit load of balls. I’m really proud of them…but damn I really don’t like teenage poetry.

A few students I know got up and sang beautiful ballads in Spanish. There were a few monologs (damn…sadness), and then there was Sam performing “Total Eclipse of the Heart” with a student. That was fucking great. There was glitter and four faculty members (Sam singing, Doc playing the piano, Patricio Puerta on Guitar, and Levine on guitar) while students sang back up, dueted, and played the drums. It was really really great. there was glitter…did I mention that. Glitter.

We went out for dinner afterwards where I learned that everyone is in fact leaving FHS, and that I could try to be the literacy coach if I really wanted to. I don’t want to yet. I want to teach. I want to grow in this field. I want the state of california to pay off 20K of my college debt.

i went out for drinks with E and J…and proceeded to be fawned over by gay boys and their straight friends at this restaurant/bar. E was nursing a broken heart…but managed to make a move on a girl she was interested in and got her number! Yay! I think J did as well. This was all happening while I was getting the number of a very nice guy who went and got me water twice although the line was super long and really, it wasn’t his problem that i had had too much to drink. He called today, and we have date for tomorrow.

But that is not the est hing about last night. The best tghing was fucking watching these hot ass bouncers who work at this bar. Idon’t know if you’ve ever seen Grey’s Anatomy…..but they both looked like Isaiah Washington (Dr. Burke)…who I want to rub myself against until I have soaked in every peice of his existence. Goodness…fucking dark chocolate….smooth skin, lean muscle, well groomed facial hair, thick, kissable lips. They weren’t twins…but they must be related. I was sure they were straight, but i could have sworn my friends said they were gay…which made me want to set myself on fire. But later in teh night when I was lamenting over the idea that they were gay, everyone just fucking stopped and looked at me and said, “No! they’re not gay!” I have never been so happy in my life. And get this, the guy i’m going on a date with tomorrow is friends with the bouncers. Lord, that is more then enough for me. These guys are everything my mother would want me to marry and be with. When I told her this this morning, she laughed and said, “I just want you to be happy” and “So i thought you were in love with short Latinos?” hardy har har mother.

I got a good deal of grading done…okay, no i didn’t whatever. But I just downloaded the audio book version of “the Da Vinci code” and I am watching the first season of Grey’s anatomy. Oh…I finally dropped my clothes off at the laundry, bought some food from trader joes…cooked twice today, and wrote an IEP. So I have to say that things are rolling right along for a girl who left the house once or twice today.


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