Lent and apple juice


So Lent starts wednesday, and therefore my period of purification also begins. We made these awesome little beaded reminders to help us along or way. Here are the 5 areas I would like to focus on:
1.) Wasteful Spending (as noted in previous entries)
2.) Avoid the easy outs (such as sending out my laundry, fastfood, not eating instead of cooking dinner).
3.) Allow myself to be less then perfect.
4.) Be more tolerant and open to people I just want to stab in the face.
5.) Keep a thankful journal for all of the things I am greatful for in my life and my day.

I think in general taking care of myself and my spirit more will be beneficial. Also being truer to myself. I know me, I know the right answers for myself–I always have– I should just trust that and go with it. Like I know that if I want to meet someone I should probably go out. And if I want to get my work done, I should just do it. Its a lot harder then it seems, yet simple at the same time. I’m just a fraidy cat as my neice might put it. I guess the only thing to be scared of though is how great I really might be in the end.


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