Our Lady of Angels


so the oscars apparently proved themselves to be quite diverse this year with minority themes of all sorts running away with the show (gay cowboys, race relations in LA, Geishas, pimps….and an ape). Quite an impressive showing. I opted for church instead of the awards ceremony but imdb.com filled me in rather quickly…which i think I prefer.

Tonight was the Rite of Election. All of the catecuments from the regional parishes in the Southern Los Angeles County Archdioese have been descending on Our Lady of Angels Cathedral down town to step forward and say that they are prepared to accept baptism on Easter Vigil. That is a fucking amazing cathedral. For the past three years I have driven past it at least once a week and never knew it was there. The outside facade from Hill street is just square and brick. Once you’re inside its amazing. Cardinals from the SoLa region were there, as was Cardinal Mohoney. Each section of the liturgy was given in a different language: the first reading was in Vietmanese, the second in Spanish, and the Gospel was in English. There were about 1500 of us at the 6pm Rite. Another 1500 or more were at the 3:30 Rite. There are the most amazing tapestries hanging in the chapel and I got to put a face with the name of the saints and historical biblical figures that I’ve read about since freshman year. My saint is Teresa of Avila. Despite the hardship (r:bullshit) a rather up tight nun put her through, it was found inher diary that Teresa would write the affirmation “Everything I do, I try to do with great love.” how beautiful and fitting is that? I can’t wait until Easter!

Oh…and here is where I see the parallel between myself and St. Teresa: “Teresa suffered the same problem that Francis of Assisi did — she was too charming. Everyone liked her and she liked to be liked. She found it too easy to slip into a worldly life and ignore God. The convent encouraged her to have visitors to whom she would teach mental prayer because their gifts helped the community economy. But Teresa got more involved in flattery, vanity and gossip than spiritual guidance. These weren’t great sins perhaps but they kept her from God.” Yeah, oh, if that’s not me I don’t know what is. I’m really hoping that I don’t have to come down with Malaria or anything of the sort to cut that shit out. She is also the patron saint of headache holders (re: hangover sufferers).

Funny I know.


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