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Life and Style magazine which ran a story on Britney’s failing marriage to Kevin Federline. I just have to ask: what did the world expect, she married her back dancer. LIke ohhhh big fucking shock that he’s a loser, its not like he got someone pregnant and then left her for a bigger meal ticket. Oh wait, he did.

The people magazine article about that kid with autism who was let into the last sections of his team’s basket ball game and score like 20 points. How fucking awesome is that!

To the sopranos being back on tv…i really should catch up. does anyone have a dvd box set that I can borrow of the past seasons? that would be way helpful. i went to blockbuster on Saturday and all of them were gone! I guess I’m not the only one.

Totaking the day off tomorrow! whew!


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  1. we all knew that shit wasnt gonna last. i hope she got what she wanted, cause her aliomony payments are gonna be hella high

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