my life in brief…


so in seattle….my hood…they’re closing schools that don’t meet a certain rubric. Which means that there are a whole bunch of low income schools that are going to be fucked. for example, Rainier View Elementary school is being closed becuase of low attendance (?), and low test scores. And parent’s aren’t speaking up in protest over the closure of the school for one reason….many of the parents have limited english skills, are immigrants, or don’t have the time to take off of work to make some noise about this issue. Its like the SPSD is directly taking advantage of the fact that the parents and families in this school are poor, colored, and/or non English speaking. FUCKED UP.

I’m in my grad school class right now. fucking ihate this shit. just thought i’d say that. at one point, i became so frustrated with the lack of structure and the amount of work expected is so fucking skewed. Six weeks until the end. Dan says that it will be interesting to see what I do with my life when I don’t have the obligation to go to school. like i’ll be forced to actually do shit that i like or something. Like spain.

An assistant principal told me that as soon as possible he wants me groomed to take over the special ed coordinatorship at fhs. Hmmm… i wonder if this means i will get paid a lot more. Its a now deal until I finish my APLE requirements. I’d like to have the government pay for my education first then move up. and out. I have to be permanent for the way the job is changing. It will become a position where the requirements are that you have to be permanent (3years in the district after credentialling). This is not something I would even consider (If i wanted to work with adults, i’d get a coorperate job and make a good deal of money.) It was just way flattering that an AP would approach me on the matter. It doesn’t help that on B and C track I have been at FHS the second longest, and the woman whose been there longer then me will recieve her credential at the same time as myself. Its funny because we’re the back up SPED coordinators while we’re in this transition time. 100% of the A track teachers are permenant and have been teaching at FHS for more then 6 years…talk about total distribution inequity. All are older, and completely uninterested. they’ve got famlilies. Maybe in 5 years I’ll have a family..with bean. kidding.

his birthday is next week, and kJ and I planned a get together, because we care, and we even took him out for drinks after the JV victory on wednesday. the more tiem we spend together the more I feel like we’re all getting to know each other better. which is really nice. we also got the teacher of the month a fruit torte…because we care. Its funny because KJ took me out for drinks, we both practically idolize Santa Maria who is a good friend of ours, but nothing for my roommate…because she’s not the most honest person. I could elaborate….but that would be really really long in process. Lets just say, this morning she told me that she often wears pants in the length LONG. UM, no you fucking don’t…Tall inseams are 35-36 inches. That’s too long for me, and I’m 5’11, my legs are longer then hers–we compared–(eye roll).

so the pants from NIKE were still way too short…even though they were marketed as “long.” I just have a certain expectation for my pant length. So, they’re going back and I’m headed to ADIDAS, or ROSS.

CST TESTING is next week so its almost a complete waste of a week…I will see my kids once or twice next week, and after all that testing, my kids are always warped…you should have seen them after the CAHSEE. So i have no issue with using some of the time to put portions of my portfolio together. Monday and Tuesday I ended 6th period 15 minutes early so that we could watch the Varsity and JV baseball games. It made both days so much better because I’d woken up filled with anxiety at 4:30am both mornings. I want to be able to live my life and do my job, but there is just so much fucking shit that I need to take care of, and at the same time feeling like I’m getting fucked on both end (credits at LMU, way too much work from LMU, IEPs, and other sped stuff etc.) but its getting better as i am putting into action my coping strategies (i.e. working out, taking a deep breath, changing my thought patterns, writing, etc.).


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  1. they wont need schools after all the kids fail the WASL. That shit is real hard, ummm, I didnt pass the math section.


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