i want my mom


St. patrick’s day was a blast. needless to say…i will never drink again. FUCK. if you want details, checkout mags’ blog. i thought i was all good yesterday until i started eating…which has led to my current state. i think i have food poisoning. i think i got it from the restaurant “bake and broil.” nasty. it wasn’t the mexican food because i felt weird on our way shopping, and still whe we went to RIVERAS (mmmmm, yum.) for the better art of the night my stomach emptied itself in the usual way. i ended up having to leave my friend’s b-day party early. i got home by 11 last night and collasped fully ressed in bed. i woke up an hour later freezing so i ran to mols’ room and ripped her down comforter off her bed. i slept buried underneath the blankets until 7…and procceeded to be sick everytime i stood up. i tried to head to west la at 2 which was a bad idea being that today was the la marathon. freeways were jammed, and street traffic when you got out of downtown wasn’t too bas…until i reached Larchmont village and realized that i was going nowhere so i headed home…where jamba juice (my only meal) vfilled my sink. i even tried to go to mass–it was a special ceremony for us–where i could not even deal. iwanted to get up and run awat. the little girl next to me was also sick…so it was hellish. tonights gospel was like five days long, aand the ceremony was really long also. aftrewards i just sat outside until i felt well enough to go home. called mols to confirm that neither of us are going to work tomorrow. if anyone can get a hold of my mom, tell her i need her!


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