So suddenly I have a blog counter. I don’t even know what that is but whatever. Anyway, so I bought a copy of Vogue today. Now this something I rarely do. I only usually buy one issue a year- April’s Shape Issue- and if they put Drew Barrymore on any cover. I keep coming across these articles about these women who just made it big because they have ginormous breasts. there is England’s version of Pamela Anderson named Jordan, which I couldn’t tell from the article why she is famous but apparently that doesn’t matter. She has like a 30-dd set. And then I saw Pamela Anderson on Yahoo the other day (something about buying a condo in vegas) and her’s are ginormous also…and I am, personally, very very afraid. Like, not disgusted, but a little scared. Like their breasts are so large they could beat you up. Frightening really. that’s how it works….intimidation. Men are stupid and weak, and such petite women with such large breasts and personalities can just walk all over them. to that I say…good for you ladies. Please don’t beat me up. But the Shape Issue is really the only time of year where they have real sized women in Vogue. Its the only time you’ll see a woman with curvy arms as opposed to sinewy arms. Or women who are very very tall. Or a combination of curvy and tall…which is me. Crazy huh. Still can’t afford a damn thing in this magazine. Whatevs.


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