k….the housekeeper


Now that the roomate is not away for the weekend, and neither is her boyfriend, I imagine that tomorrow morning the familiar sound of the dishwasher being unloaded will cause me to rise from my sleep. I’m saying, this is how bad it is for me now… before she left on friday she ran the dishwasher, I left friday night, returned late saturday and proceeded to lose my internal organs, stil sick monday, day three was tuesday so was a little bit better, day four, today, we are definitely reaching a down ward slope. STILL HAVEN’T UNLOADED THE DISHWASHER…me nor her. I return home tonight to the smell of a cooked meal (maybe she cooked, but most likely him) and a “relatively” clean kitchen (fucking wipe down the stove why dontcha, and the sink!). But i’m pretty sure either the dishwasher has been emptied or it will be emptied by a party that is neither me nor my roommate…because when set a level of behavior expectation, there is really no need to exceed it if just meeting it will do. Get what I’m sayin’?

Bean’s birthday was today. We wished him a happy birthday and attended his baseball game afterschool. Yet again, some good plays allowed us to beat our cross town rivals. He’s cute, and sweet, and not totally outside my vector, but I know I deserve better and will find better. Its just fun to have on hand at school, especially since my “bitchy” exhausted mood has caused me to look at him and say, loudly, “get out of my chair!” and then glare. and even though he gave it up, he just stood and ate his lunch, so i gave it back…and told him I would come to the game with a sign that said “Happy Birthday Coach” on one side, and “You tremendous ass!” on the other. we laughed, and well, the kids were scared. his dad is nice to me, called me mi’ja today…which i think was to avoid the random hug i gave him last week (i see his dad all the time, and their family is superclose and sweet, so its not weird.)

I tried to eat a bean and cheese burrito, and have margaritas. Needless to say my body responded way better to the margaritas then the food. I have more then half of it in the fridge. Took a hot bath, stripped my bed, and will prepare to disinfect this room before I return to bed. just wanted to give you an update.


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