Period 2


So that bean burrito left me sick enough to wake up every hour Wednesday night, and i got all emotional and teary at work
Thursday morning because I was so tired that I went home after homeroom…at 8 am.

Needless to say I have very little idea of what my freshman did this week, so they’re doing a word search using this semester’s vocabulary words and magazines. Ms. Rivera was my aide during first period and she told me about this other teacher who has a crush on bean. I know the teacher, and she’s nice and all…but as soon as she said it, I pictured myself throwing my bottle of vitamin water at this teacher’s face. we laughed. whore.

so here is my official question: is it ever a good idea to be your own counsel in the trial in which you are being prosecuted on charges of murder? I don’t think so…but I keep reading about people who are doing it. I think there is a saying that goes “its a fool who has himself as an attorney” because its ridiculous. I hope you enjoy prison…your murderingsonofa…


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