Feliz Cumpleanos Bean


So it was bean’s birthday celebration. Me and KJ gathered the usual suspects at a local bar called Carmines. So….I’ve been drinking since about 4pm. I had to stop drinking about 30 minutes ago so that I was able to drive home and write this blog. Bunny is asleep on my couch fielding off boy drama…because that doesn’t get better with age. Bean had a great time, and since Carmines is the usual happy hour spot for the football coaches, just as our end was dying down they all showed up to pump more life in to this beast. Even when we left for two hours to go to another bar in Pasadena where a friend was playing with his band, and then returned…the coaches were still there. They’re still there now. It was a lot of fun. I enjoyed hanging out with my friends, getting trashed, and generally spending lots of money on alcohol. It was a birthday celebration…what else should I do? I like the plateau of understanding that I’ve reached about this situation: we are great friends who will never ever “grow into each other” in any other way. He’s such a sweetheart, I adore him dearly. My favorite bartender was at Carmines, and he gave me a bear hug and told me that I looked very pretty today…sweetheart. There was a super hot guy at the second bar we went to….hot. fucking smokin. Told me about how on monday night there is this band that is an infusion of swing and hip hop. told me i should check it out. hmmmmmm….maybe. i will certainly drink less tomorrow. I swear.


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