Feliz Cumpleanos Che


Yeah! Today was Che’s birthday celebration! go che, its your birthday…we had dinner at GR/Eats (giant robot Eats). Pretty good, rather cheap restaurant. There were like 15 of us and it was rather cool. I tried fish that wasn’t fried or sushi for dinner. A seared tuna sandwich. There were plenty of funny Che stories…really, he should write a book on how to have proper hijinks because he is awesome at it. Cores and I cut out early, me knowing that my stomach would kick in any second and not wanting to be in public when it did so (and it did…but its definitely better then thursday). So to triumph the fact that my stomach is regaining its strength, I wash my face, I take a shower, I look in the mirror and my rash has kinda moved to my neck…and its itching. I rubbed my face down with hydrocortisone cream, but I think it also may be on my back (mols couldn’t tell when she took a look) because my back itches. Mols is all knowing when it comes to allergies, and duely noted that I, in fact, am having an allergic reaction. To what you ask? I have no fucking clue. I’ve eaten fish before. I LOVE SUSHI! No rash. I’ve started wearing my long necklaces again. No rash. I’ve drank pleanty of malibu and coke, had plenty of tequilla sunrises, and other alcohol before last night…no rash. I used to be allergic to Ivory soap when I was younger, and Mols got me some when I needed hand soap but I’ve been using it since monday and to have the rash show up today tells me that the soap is not it. Needless to say, i’m still getting rid of that soap. I’ve never had a rash on my face and neck. Thank God for makeup. My foundation covers it okay, Nate could barely tell, and I’m glad to know that people would be kind enough to not point out when one’s face is all bumpy…that would be rude. I don’t know. Its not life threatening, just mildly annoying…c’est la vie. Mols hooked me up with benadryl allergy which is supposed to put me to sleep any minute now. So looks like I can’t work on my graduation proposal tonight at all. I guess I’m forced to watch Buffy until I fall asleep in t-minus 10…9…8…7…………..


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