goodness my eyes hurt. i am sitting in class hearing about what would be expected from me when i turn in my portfolio, my comprehensive interview, and my exit exam. today was really rather productive for a ay filled with CST testing. Poor bastards. i drafted out 5 or 6 assignments that are due sooner then later. Fucking Cj’s and their nasty chicken sandwhich. I like how i use this time to meditate on my own being instead of really listening. I find that if i do that i tend to feel overwhelmed less. i need to get the fuck out of here and to the gym. this has been the weirdest fucking semester ever. Nothing really has been set up to run smoothly, and its as kind of the most boring flying by the seat of my pants the world has ever seen. People at work keep asking me to go into this administrative credentialing program. Every time I hear it, I look at them like I have the worst taste in my mouth and explain how I am in no way shape or form interesed in returning back to school anytime soon. No I do not want to be an administrator; Yes, I already have a master’s degree; fuck, just let me get to my class on time.

A nice lady is standing in front of us telling us our options for credentialing. Its all just a little overwhelming. I’m gonna pay attention because really…wow.


Anyways, I’m back at the pad with eyeballs that are throbbin’, but feet that don’t want to stop moving because I’m so excited for that new dance movie, Take the Lead. I know Amanda is right there with me with my level of excitement, because we both love dance movies. It looks hot!

Did you know I turn 25 next week? What’s up with that bullshit. Wow. this is how it always happens. I never see it coming because there is usually so much going on around this time. In college this time of year was always the start of the new quarter. Things I am definitely doing to celebrate: getting my hair done, going to church, and dancing. I’ve already bought my birthday gifts (re: new jeans and new shoes). I never hit the Gap harder then I do the weeks before my birthday. I did the same shit last year when I bought three pairs of amazing slacks that I need to take to the tailors to have fitted…because the waist on them has always been too big, I just never got around to doing anything about it. I wish my parents would fly down a little sooner and we could celebrate together. My main goal is to get 85% of the work that is due for LMU done before my birthday, so it looks like its getting done this weekend. Mols will be out of town, happy hour will be on friday, so I’ll have the pad to myself to just take care of business. I wish I didn’t have to go to LMU tomorrow just so I could sit home and veg. Scratch that: go to the gym, shower, sit home, and veg. Hmmmmmmmm. Nothing is really due tomorrow. And I did go tonight. Hmmmmmm…Nah, I already have absolutely no clue about how to complete on assignment. We’ll suffer in solidarity as usual. NIghty night.


Fuck. I think last night’s workout caused a build up of some pressure that is now being applied to my ocular nerve in my left eye as I have a blinding headache. fuck. My abs hurt everytime I take a breath in, well not hurt but you know and then my eye pulses. So if i stab my own eye out do you think i can get an insurance pay out?


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  1. Take The Lead.. It’s like Honey meets Dangerous Minds meets Strictly Ballroom. I’m SO there.

    What are the birthday plans?

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