1. How do you think players in the AFL feel? Like, the AFL is arena football. the field is shorter, their helmets are wierder, and um… kinda looks like prison football. Or live-action fooseball.

2. What about this stupd cell-phone bandit bitch? Why did she do it? Because she wanted money that bad. Whore. Bought her dumb ass a $1600 chiuahua (sp?). Whore.

3. And what about this country ass white girl whose is like “I don’t know why she did it. I don’t know why she did it to me?” Feeling all victimized and shit…um….you just want to be on TV.

4. Why would anyone go to work for Naomi Campbell? She has always been a crazy bitch.

5. Did anyone else see the Russel Simmons-Kimora Lee marriage fall apart? Because I fucking did! Especially after reading last years Vanity Fair article about her. Yeah, she is one ….great lady (re: I’m envoking my Suge Knight clause, because I’m scared that she just might come and kill me). All I know is that from the sounds of the conditions underwhich they got married, the end was imenent from jump street.

6. Does anyone care about Star Jone’s breasts? I am more interested in her hair….she and Oprah have fucking great weaves. I’m fucking impressed. Do you think they keep small filipino children on stock as a part of the family to always have access to great hair?

7. Why the hell am I fucking watching Inside Edition? I’ve got to fucking go. I’m gonna go eat dinner with Mags in Long Beach. I need to relax and there is no better place to do that then in the LBC.

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