So, you know…when people show you who they really are you should take that at face value. Tom Cruise showed us he was a raving homosexual lunatic while jumping all over oprah’s couch. But before that, he seemed like a decent guy. Not someone I was attracted to but decent. So I have to keep asking myself: how the hell did Katie Holmes land Tom Cruise? And honestly, I think its because she can be easily programmed and controlled mentally. There is no other explanation. It makes no sense really. None at all.

Does Paul Allen own everything in seattle? First the EMP, now he’s signing Nate McMillan’s checks? Not to mention that he is a major share holder in Microsoft. Ten bucks says that he going for the seattle public school district next.

I was a little glad to hear that the New York Public School District just maybe worse then LAUSD. According to Mags its like a run off, and they both keep passing each other up for the category of “Worst alternative to a Private school education.” Very interesting. Especially since private schools do not support special education AT ALL. This makes me glad just knowing that despite all the changes in SPED, teh education system is almost guranteeing that I will always have a fucking job trying to catch kids up to where they could be if only someone gave them the tools.

The end is soooooo near. I had my last IEP meeting of the year today! WOOOOOOOOOO WHOOOOOOOOOOOO! I’ve decided to divide my day into school time and LMU time. I’m dying to get my portolio and lit review done by monday. I’m just taking a well deserved break before I head to Galaxy Dollars sans laptop. I know…amazing right. I also hope to have birthday plans set up by the end of tonight, so ya’ll expect an evite. I’ve never really planned a party before. Its kinda narcissitic in a way. LIke “woooo who, I was born.” I’m not so big on the whole thing. I don’t really know where to start. Kj and Mols planned last year’s celebrations and I didn’t do anything my first year. Its like I blocked out all the college birthdays. i need suggestions.


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