April 5th


so i got my hair done last night. It looks really good. And I figured out what I am doing for my birthday, but don’t have alot of people’s email addresses. So, for my lovely readers who happen to be in the soCal here is the info:

So i turn 25 on Thursday and would like to see my friends for dinner
and some fun in the midsts of the last month of school avalanche that
has become my life. So here are the details:

Dinner at Villa Sorriso in OldTown Pasadena at 7:30. Its Italian, and
looks nice. Here is the URL http://www.sorrisopasadena.com/index.html.

Afterwards dancing at the Muse (http://losangeles.citysearch.com/profile/11282979/) which is around
the corner.

RSVP ASAP so i can make the reservations. Forward this to all of the
friends whose emails i don’t have in my gmail yet (rachel, nate, amy
o.) bring your honies– i love them tooo, i just don’t email them.

i apologize to those who got the mistake ridden email. I wrote it laying in bed at midnight. Fucking, its really great and all having her boyfriend housekeeper cleaning our house and all, but its cramping my style to wake up to dishes crashing as they are being put into the cabinets at 6am. He was still there after she left so I leave my room and am like “what are you still doing here?” Him “I’m running late..ha ha ha.” Me: “Well, leave then!” Not too bitchy, but just enough bitchy to imply: GET THE HELL OUT OF MY HOUSE. I wasn’t having such a hot morning.

I feel like everytime I have my hair done I have a slight emotional break down or something. Maybe its just the rain that kept me awake, I don’t know. its just this time of year. Same thing happened last year when I burst into tears doing grading near the end of the month…everything has just been pushed up a bit. Perfectly normal, perfectly okay. My mom suggested I see a hypnotist to deal with my anxiety. I suggested that I get a grip on my life. She’s like “yeah, like that’s fucking working.” No, she didn’t say that, but if she had been me I would have been thinking that. I love my mama, she’s so great. I called her at 10 pm last night, and she gave me the get a grip speech, which is what I needed. She’s loving but firm. My dad saw a hypnotist for his smoking, and hasn’t smoked in a month. he also hasn’t done much to really help my mom out but they have their own issues in that matter. She’s giving away the dog. Its just too much with the baby, my dad, and the dog. And well, she can’t get rid of the baby or my dad, so adios Hairy. That dog creeped me out a bit anyway.



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