So mags had to explain to me last night what cuddling was. Like, I get the general idea and I’m sure I’ve seen it on TV, and I think I may have experienced it once, but I have no real indepth experience with what is called “cuddling.” Me and brian just had a lot of sex, and sleeping…I’m sure there may have been cuddling but nothing really comes to mind. We were both so tall that even watching tv in bed was a bit ackward because we’d block each other’s view…anyway, in trying to explain how we didn’t really cuddle I got all hot and bothered and genuinely missed Brian for the first time in years. God, I’ve got to meet someone ASAP so I don’t make that mistake again.

I woke up early today to get the kids doughnuts. Waking up 15 minutes earlier really wasn’t all that hard. But don’t expect it to happen everyday. And one of my favorite students got me a gift. she was always my favorite, but now she’s even more my favorite because she was dating a 25 year old, and she broke up with him…FINALLY! He had kids and was a drug dealer…but the worst part was that he still lived with his baby’s mama. As I told her many times- F-that.

I love my mom. Last night I called and talked to the Baby (who is really 8 but whatever) and she is becoming such a good little speaker. This is how it goes:

Dee: HI candace!
Me: hi Dee Dee. How are you?
Dee: Good.

HOw cute is that! she’s developing conversational skills. She is responding appropriately! I always coo when ever she does this! So that’s how the conversation began and then she began to say something–sometimes I don’t understand because her speech is somewhat emergant, she couldn’t hear really well for a long time so she developed her own words, so she thinks she speaks just fine and we’re trying to teach her a second language called English– and then I start to recognize that she’s saying something about singing Happy Birthday. We sometime just burst into song because its MAD CUTE when ever she sings happy birthday. So before I know it she’s singing happy birthday to me. My mom didn’t even tell her to do it, and I didn’t say anything about it, she just started singing. IT WAS SOOOOOOO CUTE. She’s so great that way. Then she started to harass me about coming to visit her. its like “Come visit me….NOW!” I don’t know who taught her that phrase but they are soooooo going to get it.

I’m off to write an assignment for my third period.


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