Feliz Cumpleanos a me


It has been a great birthday! My mom, my students, the Franklin Gang, and random texts, emails, and phone calls from friends I haven’t heard from in a while made it really special. I’ve told you about the flowers my mom got me, and the doughnuts for the kids, but I didn’t mention the humungous card the kids made me or the Target Gift Card they all chipped in and bought me. How fucking sweet is that! Jasmine’s gift was a track jacket and a t-shirt from express. My aide Darshana got me a large glass bottle of Voss Water…you know, the water we always get in vegas. People were like “that’s not water.” I had to show the sealed bottle to my kids to prove that it was not vodka. Bean bought me lunch from our favorite mexican restaurant, and Bunny and KJ got me a tres leches cake from this fabulous bakery called Portos. We’re going to go out and party next week because KJ is out of town this weekend. I finally got a hold of shals on the phone..though i now realize that its been like three to five days since I talked to her. What is wrong with me. I even heard from my college roommate Aurora, the one who has the job with the government that she can’t tell me about. I told Angie that now that I’m 25 I’m putting in the hands of my Mexican female friends (KJ, Angie, Shals, even you Angella) to find me someone to mess around with (ie marry). If anyone can do it, I know they can. So she springs it on me about how the guys I met that night when we went to see her husband’s band play totally thought I was super cute, but that the flirty one better stay away from me because…well, he’s flirty and going through a divorce. The lead singer apparently was not dating the girl who spoke of the two of them like a couple…and apparently she’s crazy becuase they broke up before christmas. And then Angie texted her husband that I thought he was cute (the lead singer, not the husband..though he is totally cute and nice and perfect for her). Oh that’s a whole world of drama that its probably best i stay away from.

Speaking of Drama…I couldn’t help but pick up a copy of the Enquirer! Let me tell you one of hte head lines “Crack turned Whitney into a sex-crazed monster.” more you say? Okay, how about “I caught Whitney having sex wiht my lover- she gave me drugs to say sorry.” Can we talk for a second about how these quotes are coming from Bobby Brown’s sister! I don’t even care if its not true—because it is true—I’m just fascinated by the story. I feed the machine that makes the whole world cry. So in the last hour of my birthday….the hour before post birthday celebrations can start…i will read the enquirer! Yum.


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