Feliz Cumpleanos a me Part 2


Ahhhhhhh….this has been the best birthday ever! EVER, EVER, EVER! Tonight Amy, Angella, Mags, Amanda, Chris, Che, and Rachel came from the farthest ends of the earth, and battled the 110 freeway just to have dinner with me at Villa Sorriso. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. Angella asked why Bean didn’t come. Honestly, I love my friends at work. they are fucking great. But these guys are like family. I’m having Mags get my baptismal water from Long Beach because they are just that special to me especially when my family is so far away. We went to dinner and came back to my place for wine and sugary desserts. Let’s let the pictures speak for themselves. speaking of pictures, fucking “flash” is the worst thing one can do to a photo. I had to go through each one and change the exposure and the brightness. Crazy huh. I don’t know why I think I can point and click and become an instant photographer….that is just not the truth. Okay here are the 1000 words:

Ms. Amy O. she gives great gifts! and shares my love of Banana Republic. And a romantic lunacy all our own. hugs!

Aren’t Rachel and Che cute? Don’t mind what che is doing with his eyes. He’s imagining playing the guitar for an audience of 1000’s in the hollywood bowl,

Martini’s galore. I was in charge of finishing off the ones left on the table. So…i had a lot to drink.

Mags and Angella. Apparently I forgot that I have a mandatory rehearsal for my baptism on Monday. Mags had to remind me. See…If anyone was ever in more need of a godmother its my ass. Don’t they look great! I had to doctor the photo because the flash caused everything to glow an unnatural color of white. it was like taking the wretched flourescent light from a dressing room and shining it directly on you. Egh.

Me, Mags, and Angella….The United colors of Benneton. Did I mention that before they even stepped in the restaurant they’d come across some bitch in need of an ass woopin’? Its like a new record…luckily that girl left way before us, She had to put her old parents to bed…because apparently they’ll let ’em go anywhere these days.

group shot!!! it’s chris’s birthday also!

Please note, that these are the only pictures i have of myself with long hair….so enjoy.


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