Mi Casa


So i’m back at the homestead…and I must say that I’ve created an interesting little experiment. You see between Mols and K cooking, and me coming home and cooking, and the dishwasher being full… i am going to just wait and see if the kitchen will be magically clean in the morning. Like how far can we push K until he breaks and decides that we need to clean up our own messes? Hmmmmmmmmmmm, we’ll have to see tomorrow.

So I overheard on the phone with a friend in alabama, and apparently she’s gonna introduce him to her parents. I have never heard talk of any of her boyfriend’s being introduced to her parents. There was also talk of how her mom will send out wedding catalogs as soon as she meets him. If you know what I know, you know her parents will be happy because he’s white. I mean come on now. Her three years in LA have been spent dating every variation of Asian men she runs into. Her sister has described them as “ethnic hippie types.” I don’t even know if she tells her parents about her boyfriends, and I doubt she’s told them about K, but if she’s even considering bringing him home its becuase he’s white. Everytime its been mentioned about past boyfriends there has always been this subtle subtext that says “my parents would flip their lid.” She’s from Alabama. Granted, it is the 21st century, but she is from alabama.

You know, honestly, I kind of have the same set up with my family though. Like, I don’t care how many times my mom, or mags, says she’s happy with anyone that I date, I certainly wouldn’t bring a white boy home to meet her, or mags and Angella, unless he was really cool and we were getting married. The backlash would just be too great if that relatiohship didn’t last, and it just wouldn’t be worth it. Okay, it might just go something like “Hmph…i told you.” And the rest would just be implied and I’d be sent to my room to think it over. I know my mom means it when she tells me that she’ll be happy if I’m happy, but that statement doesn’t wipe away the fact that she’s told me repeatedly that I shouldn’t date white guys because they may be a serial killer, becuase that’s what white men do. Shocking I know…and kind of funny becuase this is coming from a woman who dated a white man for so long and so early in my growing up that I actually thought he was my dad because a)no one would tell me different and b)because he was just always there and my father wasn’t. I was young what can I say.

my neck hurts, i need to do somework, and its getting late.


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  1. You can introduce your white boyfriends to me. I am judgmental of all people without regard to race, color or creed. What is creed anyway?

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