I’d like to give a shout out to all my former teachers out there showering me with their support, love, and empathy. P to…A-town.

So, can we talk about how I am so fucking close to being done with this portfolio I cannot even stand it. Can we talk about how I had plans to turn this shit in on Thursday. Can I tell you about how MY FUCKING DIVIDERS ARE NOT LARGE ENOUGH TO BE SEEN PAST MY SHEET PROTECTORS MAKING THIS THE LARGEST PAIN IN THE ASS I HAVE EVER FUCKING EXPERIENCED! WHAT THE FUCK! I have an eyeglasses appointment tomorrow because I broke my glasses running to get to the office to sign in on time becuase my alarm didn’t go off so i woke up at 6:40…and i have to leave by 7 to make it to work on time …so it cuts into my supply buying time. I am tempted to not go to class tomorrow but i want to turn in this fucking portfolio because its first come first served and my school finals are during fucking portfolio persentation week. What the fuck!


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