So spring is here. I woke up this morning very aware of this fact in that my entire nasal cavity was completly stuffed. I feel like its becausse I slept with wet hair underneath my window. I know that you can’t really catch a cold from going outside with wet hair (a cold is a virus) but I certainly have something that I will chalk up to allergies and spring. Whatever.

I somtimes forget the bullshit my kids go through living in Highland Park. Gangs are still f-ing huge here, like they are in a lot of urban areas in LA and the world. I have a student who has police protection on campus (not following her, but just watching out) because she witnessed some gang members trying to shoot at a pregnant woman or something. I had no idea what she was talking about because really, I don’t hear about these things on the news because in LA if it doesn’t involve a celebrity, teh President, the Mayor, white people, traffic, or the Lakers….it just doesn’t matter. Insane.

I told the Tall Flag girls on Monday that I was unable to continue being their coach next year. I’ll stick with them through buying their uniforms, but as for practices and football games they’ve got to find someone else. We had a meeting today with a uniform representative. Wow, i’m glad that I am not doing that next year. Instead of sticking around for practice today I went and got a mani-pedi. my nails look out and out fucking great. I had to return to campus at 530 just to make this meeting happen, and didn’t leave until 7. I fucking hate that.

I quit just in time. I found out to day that I will recieving three MRM students in my classes next year. This will present an interesting challenge in the way that I teach, plan, interact with my students, and use my paraprofessional. I actually don’t think she’ll return next year. She needs a break, and really isn’t much use for us this year. I value her, but you know. I can’t wait to be done with school so that I can really just fucking prioritize what I need to do to make my classes work for these new young ladies. One of them sat in my class, and really….it was difficult for her to be at the same level as my kids. I’ve had this same issue last year, and well, that was interesting. but I’ve gotten better and I’ve gotten smarter, so I think this will be a challenge I can handle. I have to now book my mom’s hotel room.


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