Beardless Elf


So I’ve taken to watching Narnia again, simply because I can. This time I may actualy watch it instead of letting it be background noise while I work. Not likely though. So I realized that if I were any of the characters in this movie it would be the gap-toothed little girl. For these reasons:

a) she is a bit of a crier. Every 15 minutes practically that poor girl bursts into tears. Its actually quite annoying, but you know… whatever.

b) she fucking follows a fawn (?!) home when tempted with cakes and cookies. Oh how i love pastries.

c) she clearly talks to strangers at their wierdest moment….case in point, the fawn, the beavers.

d) when the Lion tells her that they need to go to war, she whips out her little knife ready to fight. He’s practically like “Whoa there, lil bit. Not so fast.”

e) at one point, her sanity is questioned.

Fucking the new special ed coordinator could be the white witch, i shit you not. I have to get this wickedness out of my system before I have to rely on her next year…positive attitudes.

So the “new” me—my alternate personality– is trying to escape through the dry, peeling skin that is coating my palms. I’ve also developed bumps underneath the skin on my palms…WTF. And I’m having my third ailment of the month…what the hell is wrong with me? Someone just fucking shoot me so ya’ll don’t have to read anymore entries about it.

did i mention that next friday is my last day of school…and ipresent my portfolio on monday?! cool huh!


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