only two more things to go….


I presented my portfolio this afternoon. It went really fast. I was actually shocked by how fast things went. Fucking Dale almost made me late becuase he just had me sitting in the school of ed office, waiting for them to call when I should have just gone down there. He’s an idiot. I shouldn’t judge…i take it back. only a little. It went quite well, and I think they were impressed. It helps to have people on the panel who are already kinda impressed with you as it is…so i did fine. now i have a final to do, and an action research paper of sorts on how I want them to implement a school wide writing curriculum. I’m just going to write a power point, i’m not even going to write a paper. I also rented my cap and gown today. Rented! I was kind of shocked by that…herff jones is just going to be set up outside the facility and when we’re done, we just give it back to them. interesting…very interesting. I gotta finish writing my final for tomorrow. I worry for these babes alot.


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