Sarah Rue


Um….what happened to Sarah Rue? Its like she lost a couple of sizes, as well as her acting vioce…I’m actually home before 10:30 on a week night (went to the gym early) and stumbled across her show…where, well they’ve managed to dress her in teh same ugly clothes that they dressed her in before to make her appear fat. Sarah Rue is not fat. Never has been fat. Sarah was maybe a size 14 at her tv heaviest…its just that she has huge fucking breast– not Pam Anderson huge– but large enough to make one seem a lot heavier then they actually are. Pair that with a bunch of ugly fucking clothes…and waa la…you’ve gotta FAT GIRL. She’s probably averaged a size 12 in her tv career….they just put her in clothes that make her look like she’s two sizes up. And even though she’s now looks like maybe a size 8 when standing next to a size 2…they still dress her in those funky clothes. Except now it also sounds like they’ve asked her to act vocally like a pixie. Give that woman her voice and her dignity back.

So…..the most amazing things have been happening today.

1.) I have this freshman who does not write proper sentences… it goes beyond spelling—he’s good at spelling, real good. There have been many a time in the past week where I’ve looked a him and asked “What are you trying to say here!” He’s inching closer and closer to writing better sentences, it will just take him a while to get there. Here’s the thing…he’s one of the kids I mentioned last night, who I was worried wouldn’t be able to handle their 70 question, grammar and syntax intensive final. He only missed two questions. The girl who missed 1/2 of the fall semester, and at least a day a week this semester…she only missed one question. I WAS FUCKING ESTASTIC. They’re so fucking great.

2.) I really favor my upper classman. Like I love the freshman….but i LOOOOOVEEEE the 11th and 12th graders. They’ve been there with me since day one. I looove the 10th graders, becuase they’ve been there with me through every step of LMU. They’ve suffered the mood swings, and always appear to be genuinely happy to see. I wonder if they’re on drugs. They just F-ing amaze me. I couldn’t stop fucking saying that during my portfolio presentation. They have become soooo mature. I love them. Tomorrow the finals are for those two groups. I went out and bought them muffins and juice. Didn’t do that for monday or tuesday. that’s how much more i like them.

3.) I got off work all tired, and headed to starbucks to do this massive amount of work, but then remembered I had to get the back of my hair fixed. It took me like 3 minutes to get things taken care of, and at this point i was all hopped up on caffeine and went to Shakers to do my work. I knocked out everything I needed to do in a couple of hours. I graded two finals, and wrote a third. Oh,..I’m the shit.

4.) I’m collaborating with Bean for the classes he’s going to long term sub. He squeezed my knee, rubbed my shoulders…and I felt ZIP, ZERO, NOTHING. Peace muthafucka, peace.

5.) I think I hit a zen moment working out. All around the gym are what I call space hogs, people who just fucking sit or lean on the machines you want to use, talking to their friends…but not using the machine. FUCKING MOVE ASS HOLE. I didn’t say anything to anyone though, because i figure its a little bit of instanious kharma working there. See, I’m one of those people who remain on the cardio machine for twice as long as they should, while people wait in line to use a machine…thinking to themselves, “i don’t have to fucking get off this machine…some one near me will drop soon” cuz someone always does. This is why I tend begin my work out at 9, 9:30..when the gym has less traffic and I feel a slight more entitled. But i went early today, and well, that was my thought pattern, “someone will around me will drop first” and it happened.

6.) I finally have a fucking dermatology appointment. fucking hand.


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  1. I used to think she was funny when she was on Popular…but then the whole Hollywood look really turned me off of Sarah. And in all honesty, I don’t think she was ever even a size 12…just bigger than the anorexic girls around her!

    What’s wrong with the hand?

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