The Hand


Did i tell you about the hand? the fucking hand is becoming disgusting. Its a monsterous mess of dry skin. well, not monsterous because it has subsided quite a bit. It started a month ago when I had the stomach flu. I was using Ivory soap-which i forgot i was allergic to- and broke out with a wicked rash all over my face the night of alex’s birthday party. Well under the surface of my hand another rash was spreading. I could see it in my palm, and i showed mags and nate. it itched so i put aveeno on it. Well, the hydrocortisone must have dried it out because in that section of my hand was nothing but dry ass skin underneath a layer of skin. I could see the dried skin cells..little circles of skin. It was like this for a week. One day the dry skin cracked, so I just peeled it back, and peeled it off. This started the “rebirth” cycle of dry skin. this was around the time of my baptism. my palms were peeling with all kinds of dry skin. my mary kay girl suggested I use this night emollient cream to smooth it out, and since i already had a sample i put it on the next night…it worked, helped to heal some of the dry skin…but it was still peeling, so i did it again, and now the flaking dry skin is gone. I am left with the dead dry skin that just keeps fucking growing. Fucking the dry skin was spreading to the top of my palm before i scraped off the skin a poumous stone, and put an end to that. now i have a hand that looks like i’ve fucking crawled throgh the streets of LA. And i keep taking cuticle cutters to the dead skin that i am able to peel away …which means, that I also keep puncturing my hand with cuticle cutters. Ow. Here’s a picture. It doesn’t look that bad in the picture. my aide and i are scared that i now have that excema…because i have never had such dry skin all over my body the way i do now…and the air isn’t even dry.

I know what you’re thinking …oh no she didn’t. yes, yes I did.

i’m staging an intervention…if i continue to look at it I will fucking cut my hand off. i put on some thick lotion, wrapped it up tight, and it will soften the dead skin. like 8 people have suggested this. mols is gonna hook me up with some latex gloves tomorrow.


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  1. picture this:

    your friend sits down at her computer with her tasty lunch at 1:20pm and at 1:25 throws up.

    You should put a warning before the pictures come up.

    I’m just saying

  2. Wow…that looks scary. I feel like I could use a picture of it at my magazine…for real.

    But what’d the dermatologist tell ya?

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