Blackberries and gummie bears


I wonder if there is an adverse reaction to eating too many blackberries in one sitting? I just ate a small package of them. You know, the overly expensive small packages they sell at Vons. I’m a sucker for blackberries. Anyone whose ever attened a diner style breakfast with me knows that I prefer above all else the blackberry jam and have no qualms about asking for it specifically, even if that means some poor fool has to go into the back and search through boxes and boxes of single serving sized Smuckers jam packages. Everything else is just gross.

Today was my first real day of vacation. No buy back day or pupil free day meetings to fill my mornings. So what did I do? Slept in, laid in bed while I browsed the internet, went to work out, had a happy meal, took a nap until about 7.30, and woke up with one of those headaches that come from sleeping too much. I couldn’t get a hold of anyone on this side of town so I took the nap instead. I rented some movies (war of the worlds, memiors of a geisha) and watched that dateline special on catching predators 5. people are such sick fucks. I’m not so impressed by War of the Worlds.

In more news about the hand….i couldn’t get into see the dermatologist. I wasn’t told that I would need a referal from a primary care physician in order to see a dermalogist, so when I get there I’m turned away. I called my insurance company who directed me to what I needed to do, I contacted my medical group to be assigned to a primary care physician, that I can’t get into see until the 11th. I was so upset and frustated. Its spreading to my other hand though its healing on my left hand. i printed the pictures to show to the doctor should i ever actually see one. fuckers.

My parents come into town on Saturday. I still haven’t decided what we’re going to do, but i got them a pretty nice room at the Marriot in Pasadena. I imagine I’ll take them out to dinner Saturday night since they’ll be taking me out in DisneyLand. there are only a few things I need to take care of first:
1. Finish my LMU finals- cakewalk
2. get my nails done
3. see if i can get my hair done
4. get my car washed
5. pack.


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