The Happiest Place on Earth….


is really Target. I mean Disneyland kicks ass…but Target is the happiest place on Earth. My parents came down for my Graduation so for the past 4 days I have been enjoying Disneyland and California Adventure to its Kiddie Ride fullest. I did the classic Tea-cups and an assortment of other rides, but what really stands out is Indiana Jones (apparently, the most favorite ride in the park), Star Tours, and something else. Honey I shrunk the Audience was it I think. Its really all a blur now. My dad really wanted me to go on Hollywood Tower of Terror…but I was scared to death, as I usually am, and opted for a hot dog. At the end of the first day Me and dad were pumped to do Indiana Jones and Star Tours again, but alas, we were exhausted. I had a great time. As soon as I got home I called a florist at home and arranged for a flower arrangement to be sent to them on Thursday. Just to say thank you.

Tonight was a great concert, if it listening to your friends’ band constitutes as a concert. We’ve petitioned that Alex join an adult band so that we can yell really inappropriate things at him. Like, “I love Carrots!” some crazy shit that would be inappropriate to yell during his student’s band concert. He is creating School of Punk Rock at markham! KICK ASS! Also, after listening to the violinist, I’ve petitioned Alex to let me meet the people from the Asian American Pacific Islander whatever whatever changing the world one step at a time group that he worked with. Cuz damn.
“Me and the Enemies” played first, fronted by Todd on guitar and piano, Mike on guitar, Mark on Drums, and some dude on piano. they were rockin’…doing covers of their original stuff, so it didn’t sound like it was orginally intended, but was more like the “unplugged’ version. They figured, “We wrote the songs, we can fuck them up if we want to.” I personally LOVED IT! they did a great job, and if they ever released an “Unplugged” album, I’d be the first in line to buy it. I’m prepared to go to their shows from now on, and hopefully earn a t-shirt to boot.

The second show was done by the David Garner Project. The fucking HOT David Garner project.

I don’t know what it is about that man, but maggie was correct to say that he just attracts attractive people. And fortunately, a whole shit load of them play in his band. they are like the really hot, musically talented United Colors of Bennetton.

HOT! So hot, that I just snapped pictures and even caught a few photos of Mags in her “Happy place.”

You’d have joined her if you’d heard them play….especially the saxophonist

…the violinist…the bassist…the drummer…or the guitar player. you saw the pictures above…but you kinda had to be there.

David Garner is going to have a child soon, and be married later, and hasn’t decided a name yet, so I suggested “Cangie” a wierd combination of my name and Maggie’s name. But here are some cool names that I think I will name my potential future children (re: pets):

1. Amanda.
Amanda= Amanda Ronan
Amanda= Mandy, a common nickname for Amanda
Mandy= maggie + Candy (can you see the connection? And who do I love, that’s right ya’ll)

2. Angelina
Angelina and Angelique (my sister’s name) = Angel
Angelina= close friend from school who is awesome!
Angie= nickname of Angelina (and is what I call Angie)
Angie= Angella+Maggie (see…it all works out! Because I can’t see myself calling my child Mangella…that would just be wierd.)

3. Alexie
Alex+Corey= Alexie (because all my cool guy friends are named Alex…or corey…its phonetically spelled)


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  1. ARGH! I forgot about the concert…sad I missed it. After reading your post, I definitely have to go next time!

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