So I’m driving the 110 north when traffic starts to crawl somewhere around USC. Usually when this happens I hop off the freeway and take the surface streets. Bad idea, because traffic just crawled there as well. As I’m passing the Staples Center and the Convention Center I see these parking attendants waving their flags and holding up signs that day $40. $40 for parking. wow. Now, usually these event parking signs are usually at most 12 bucks. That’s what I see. But $40 …wow. I called Maggie, and she surmised that it was for the Clippers game- which is correct, there is a Clippers vs. The Suns game tonight at 6pm. But this is all happening at 1 in the afternoon, and even the most dedicated Clippers fans wouldn’t arrive 5 hours a head of time, and pay $40. Maybe a laker’s fan who needed to buy tickets from a scalper would, but not a clippers fan. Turns out that E3 is happening today at the Convention Center. E3 is this HUGE ass gamers event where new games, game consoles, and all things associated with whatever the three E’s are, are unveiled. People come in from around the world apparently, and they are apparently willing to pay $40 for parking. Oddly enough, that seems about right.

today has been fairly laid back. we made jersey’s for Angella’s basketball team last night, and I dropped off a few at Bunche today. Whatever they’re doing at Bunche to be a California’s Distinguished School they need to bottle and sell to other title one schools around LA. I’m going to model my classroom after them.

Prom is tomorrow night. Huh? I know right.


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  1. Its like that time in the dorms when all those gamers invaded and ruined the summer of fun for a weekend. BASTARDS

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