Prom part Duex


Prom was nice for what it was. I mean, it was for the kids, so it was nice. Apparently that shit started at 6pm and lasted until 12:30, and don’t you know they all showed up around 5:30 or so. If my prom tickets had cost me $65 I too would have showed up at 5:30 as well. KJ, Sam, and I didn’t show up until about 10, so it worked out well for everyone. I feel like 8 or 9 was when most of the chaperones showed up because many a child was like, “ohhhhh we were here early, where were you?” They had dinner, music, a charecturist, pictures, picture frames, so it all worked out well for them. The DJ was also quite good, especailly according to how they danced. Those kids are ready for the club world and Vegas. We took beautiful pictures of the seniors we favored, and did some drinking at the bar. This is where the funny story begins.

So we order our drinks, the bar is kinda empty, like only 5 people, including an older black gentleman over my right shoulder and a really good looking black gentleman over my left shoulder. I didn’t really notice either gentleman when I ordered my first drink. I only ordered one drink. When we went to settle up the bill, the waiter comes over to me and whispers, “If you’re going to put in money for your drink, don’t worry about it. Someone has already taken care of it.” I turned to KJ and asked, “Did you pay for my drink?” It wasn’t her, it wasn’t anyone at the table. So I look over my right shoulder, because I’m sure its the older gentleman, having not noticed the younger gentleman over my left shoulder. But Consuergra and Walter point over my left shoulder, and are like “oh its him, its him.” He was really cute. His name was Vincent. I found this out after I asked frank who gave me the drink, and he responded, “The man behind you.” I walk up to the young man, after some gouding from my friends, and said, “Frank told me that you bought my drink, and I just wanted to say thank you” blah blah blah, introduced myself, he stands, introduces himself, shakes my hand, and says, “I really wish I had done that, but I’m sorry I didn’t.” Enter Frank who whispers, “the other gentleman behind you.” yeah, okay, I have two shoulders folks, with lots of people behind me. Lets be more specific. It was the older gentleman. I walk up to him all embarassed like, after having politely walked way from vincent, and thanked the older gentleman. He was waiting in the bar becuase his daughter was at the other prom in the Long Beach Hyatt (could you imagine being that girl whose dad was like “Your prom night ends at 11:15- I’ll be in the bar.”) I shook his hand, and thanked him, and he told me that I looked very beautiful and like a nice young lady. I smiled, thanked him again, and excused myself. Because ladies and gentleman, I am loved by people’s parents, their grandparents, other girls, and gay men. Mols says that I can parlay this into a wealthy relationship with older men, to which I responded, “Goodness, I can’t stand old people. No, wait…as long as I don’t have to help them with their attendance, computers, or online gradebooks.” We all had a good laugh, because I completely love older people who don’t walk slow in front of me and who are technologically saavy. You don’t even have to be saavy, just aware of the fact that yes, you have difficulty remembering your password to log on to your computer and therefore should write it down.

we hit massive road work on the way up the 710, as is costumary every time I happen to think, “Oh I should take the 105 to the 110 instead,” and don’t do it. Without fail I always fucking hit traffic when I think about taking another route but don’t. So I guess, chaperoning the prom amounted to two hours of drinking, taking pictures, and drinking some more. We told our AP we were guarding the bar, protecting it from students. We did our job well. We did our job for a good hour after all the students left the prom and fled to their respective hotel rooms (some at the hyatt, which was against the hotel contract with the school and most certainly resulted in some parents and the school being called after numerous noise violations, and at the comfort inn.) Next year’s prom committee better have that shit on the queen mary if they insist on having this shit down in Long Beach again.


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