So I spent the better part of the day searching for something to wear to prom tonight. Actually, I was searching for the perfect pair of not too expensive black flared pants that I could team with a slightly shiny shirt from Forever 21 or some place. FUCK! I started by calling places to find that they didn’t have what I wanted, to going to the Target close to me to realize that it is stocked with the ugliest clothes right now, and onto perusing the shops on Colorado blvd in Old Town (re: Banana Republic, the gap, j. crew, and victoria secret-needed a second bra-) only to not find shit. Luckily I randomly ran in to KJ and Megan, who I saw at last nights party and who I will be attending prom with tonight, so we all had lunch together. Its good to get my KJ fix in because I haven’t seen her for a week. I finally went to Ross—never, ever go to Ross– and then to the large Target in Pasadena. There they had black capris, a black skirt, and a sweater dress. So tonight’s prom outfit will be this: sheer violet sweater dressn over a shiny diaganol striped shirt and black capris, with 3 inch black heels. It will be hot. I will be wearing the black skirt to Amanda’s wedding, now I just need a shirt.

Mandy’s house warming party was a great. I got there before any of Mandy’s friends that I know actually showed up, so I milled around a group of teachers and young people that I have never met. Its good to hear that drama is happening in Glendale Unified as well as in LAUSD, and Compton Unified. As the night went on a shit load of people showed up. Shalimar, get this, her neighbor looks exactly like Abi. Fucking EXACTLY! And the neighbor is 1/4th Mexican…is Abi half or a quarter? I think half, but all I know is this girl was her twin. we exchanged numbers because we both expresses a desire to hang out with people outside of our profession, and her and her husband described their friends as people who never get out…so we can all get out together. If Sam doesn’t mess it up. There was a bit of a pause in the time space continuum when Sam danced with this girl, and her husband walked in. The issue is that Sam looked like he was smacking her ass, and well, they were the only two dancing. To make up for it, he smoked them out. They invited us to this event at the Roxy tonight, but we’ll be at prom…………hopefully some other time.

I’ll be posting pictures and more later. Now I’m off to shower ( i did make it to the gym) and change.


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