Day 4: May 21st Cordoba and Sevilla


A minor revolt against the hotel’s continental breakfast means most of the FHS crew eat ham sandwiches, churros, and anything we can get our hands on while the other groups “enjoy” rolls hard enough to kill a person with and “corn flakes” that taste nothing like corn flakes.

A five hour bus drive from Madrid to Cordoba allows everyone to sleep off their hang overs and jet lag.

it feels like its 90 degrees in cordoba where we visit a muslim mosque that was turned into a cathedral when the catholic monarchy (queen isabella and whoever) took over the muslim ruled country in 1492. (this is a running theme is just about all the architecture we see throughout southern spain) Absolutely beautiful. But beware of gypsies who will try to give you a sprig of herb or a flower, and then offer to tell your fortune for the tune of 20 euro and a few items they’ve lifted off your person.

At least seven of us dine American instead of Spanish with the hope that we will not encounter pork or ham. I even made one of the students ask the cashier what kind of meat they use in their food becuase our disdain for ham was tear worthy.

teh drive to sevilla was another couple of hours. Sevilla looks the way I remember much of paris- beautiful. The best part of our evening here was the soup. Delicious, plain, soup. Sopa sin jamon. I can’t even remember what the main course was because we were just that enamored with the soup.


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