Day 5: May 22nd Sevilla to Marbella


A day tour of Sevilla leads to a hike through tiny, yet beautiful streets, another religious site that had its muslim roots infused with christian archeticture. The coupling of these two religions has led to the most beautiful buildings and gardens.

Sevilla world fair in 1929 had buildings that were built by countries around the world and then donated to the city. The largest builiding was apparently was in Star Wars Episode 2. It was the queens house! And the site for countless pictures!

We visted the Cathedral of Sevilla, one of the supposed sites of Columbus’ tomb (three countries claim to have the tomb of Columbus: Cuba, the Dominican Republic, and Sevilla in Spain).

The tour of Sevilla was long, as was the drive to the beach city Marbella. Long drives were filled with us “playing” with those folks who were foolish enough to fall asleep. Everyone was a victim of the “sleeping photo,” especially this dude Matt, who is having a small, rubber, key chain penis stuck in his mouth. Funny!

Marbella is located on the Mediterranean Ocean and is a beautiful resort town in the Costa Del Sol. This was the departure point for those students who were going to Morrocco.


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