memorial day


I feel like two parts of my brain are being sliced open with a dull butcher’s cleaver. Which is a slight improvement from how i felt yesterday evening. I fucking woke up this morning around 4 because I fell asleep on my couch yesterday around 5:30. i’m glad I’ve got a whole month off to take aslong as I need and sleep as much as I want. All hail the track system.

I love the movie trilogy Back to the Future. The 80’s were such a kinder, gentiler time in cinema. And now that I’ve already returned from my transatlantic adventure I feel its completely appropriate to watch Final Destination without fear of psychological damage.

I can’t find my excederine, my room is a mess, its a national holiday. I feel like this is an appropriate time to get my shit together before i inquire about whether my gym is open. its such a pretty day. The beginning of summer has finally arrived.


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