So I woke up pretty early this morning, like at 7 am. I open my inbox, choose a news article from Yahoo about how the new Batwoman is a lesbian and then scroll down to read the other gay and lesbian related news. So apparently conservative Christians and Jews are pushing for “going- straight” programs in schools as a response to the sucess and affectiveness of GLBTQI programs in many public schools. they say through some “reparative therapy” students who think they are gay can become straight. Look at this photo. does this man look straight to you?

did you know that there is an extremely high suicide rate amongst students who believe themselves to be gay? Or that sometimes, therapy just doesn’t work on anyone? Why is it that the fucking oppressive, dominant society is constantly asking people who just want to live their lives and be themselves to change? Oh wait, its because that’s what they do: they oppress. Really, why should anyone have to change just because it makes you uncomfortable. these kids go through enough without having to have it reinforced that “something is wrong with you.” ridiculous. Be patriotic: love your kids for who they are not who you wish they were.

this is by far my favorite part of the article:

Mainstream associations of psychiatrists and psychologists resoundingly reject that model, but the ex-gay movement promotes it through groups such as the National Assn. for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality. That group’s president, psychologist Joseph Nicolosi, opened a recent conference for men and women seeking to overcome homosexuality with a ringing statement:

“There is no such thing as a homosexual. We are all heterosexual. Our body was designed for the opposite sex.”

The audience of more than 700 sat rapt in the pews of a Fort Lauderdale church. Some held Bibles. Others took notes. Nicolosi went on to tell them that fathers could help their sons stay straight by bonding through rough-and-tumble games, such as tossing them in the air.

“Even if [the dad] drops the kid and he cracks his head, at least he’ll be heterosexual,” Nicolosi said, chuckling. “A small price to pay.”


WTF. scared dad’s every where are just gonna start dropping their kids on their heads to make sure they “come out” straight. Um, yeah. See, that is the exact reason I will always have a job as a special ed teacher. the exact fucking reason. and i’m pretty sure if i wanted to go into counseling i would always have clients…becuase these parents just keep creating head cases who hate themselves. Job security here I come.


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