the kids aren’t alright


yes i know its 7:16am. leave me alone.

So according to this news article, kids are just lying about whether their virgins or not. Or at least those kids who take the virginity pledge are. Let’s talk about how all the chicks i knew who took that pledge in like 8th grade all had babies in high school…and were unmarried. Or how this girl who all came off as the most sexually active freak admitted to me a year after she graduated that she was a virgin. This is why kids need sex education at all levels. Just hit them from both sides with abstinence ed and safe sex ed because THEY DON’T KNOW NOTHIN’. which just leads to them being adults who are as equally uneducated, who procreate with equally uneduated people and have little stupid babies. Its been happening for ages. Which is exactly why and how Bush got re-elected. Stupid Babies!


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