insult to injury


not to belabor a point that we’ve already all agreed on in some way or another, but i mean really, how could brad pitt and angelina jolie resist each other, their coupledom was only enevitable. I say this as i read a yahoo news article about how when Jennifer aniston got the script for “the breakup” it was kinda “a sign.” I would think my husband fucking the hottest woman on the planet would be “the sign” but what do I know…i’m single.

So i just talked to bean on the phone, and only a small part of me wants to marry him still. like a tiny percentage. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this enlightened point my therapist shared with me, but apparenlty-and true to point- i am not the type of girl who is willing to move into someone’s parent’s house. I’m just too independent for that. this little detail will keep us from being together. That and the fact that I am obviously fucking crazy. I blame the heat. We’re having a high of 92 degrees farenheit. I wonder with that is centigrade? (33.333333333….6 actually)

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