Rock Star


So, if i were a rock star, this dandy little website
let me in on what my rockstar name would be. I am going to let you in on what your rockstar name would be as well. Here’s the question: what’s the name of our band?

Me: LaToya Jupiter (this site doesn’t ask you to enter your race, but I feel like I’ve been racially profiled.)
mags: Martha Gherkin
Angella: Shakira Blade
Amanda: Candy Chair (WTF!)
Shals: Serenity Blade (please note that both Angella and Shals are both half Mexican, and have last names that end with a Z….and suprisingly their rockstar names are similar, like their related or something.)
Alex: Mark Napalm
Cors: Ferret Church
Mexican Candy: Gwen Crucifix
KJ: Gretschen Verucca
Bean: Mark Black
Sam: A.J Virus
Rachel: (as rachel)Gwen Bolan (as Amanda) Candy Bolan
bunny: Keren Saturn
Sta. Maria: Martha Venus

he he he…i’m bored. I’m trying to save money by not going out until after i get my hair done. or at least until saturday. Saturday will be my night of going out. So i’m taking advantage of the fact that my roommate is not home. I finished reading a book, i cooked dinner, now i’m watching Westside Story. I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again: Gangs should fight the way they fight in this movie, with a healthy dose of singing and dancing.


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